marshside boiler repair

Encountered a very rare fault on a boiler today , I was called out to a boiler repair in marshside in southport .

It transpired there was a dead spider stuck in a small tube coming from the boilers fan .

Such a small thing can cause a boiler to breakdown , all fixed now though .

Boiler repair can be a bit of a nightmare but with a good knowledge and patience they can always be repaired .

If you have a tired old boiler in need of repair please call us for a free estimate

limescale in boilers

Limescale in boilers
More and more i’m going out to boilers breakdowns showing the symptons of overheating and poor circulation.
On more occasions than usuall the diagnosis is limescale build up within the boiler .Southport being a hard water area most boilers are at risk of limescale build up , the easy way to combat this problem is to have a inexpensive limescale reducer fitted on the fresh water supply pipe to the boiler.
Its a quick and cost affective way of protecting your boiler.