Magnetic cleaner F1 magnaclean fernox

Magnetic cleaner F1 magnaclean fernox Magnectic cleaners stop magnatight entering your boilers heat exchanger

Magnetic cleaner F1 magnaclean fernox


Installing a fernox magnetic cleaner onto your central heating return pipe just near your boiler will vastly improve the quality of the water flowing through your boiler.This will improve the water quality and protect the boiler and increase its life. The powerful magnet grabs all the sludge and magnetite that would normally flow through the boiler. Also the unit can be used to dose chemicals into the heating system to offer further protection. Fitting one of these units to your heating system is really very easy and the average cost to supply and fit one is vey well priced. The industry recommends these filters are fitted to all new installs especially when a open vented heating system is being converted into a combination boiler system. The other advantages of having a magnetic filter is it can be used to introduce chemicals into the system ie system rust inhibitor. Cleaning these units is very easy as they have isolation valves fitted on the inlet and outlet of the unit so they can be cleaned and drained without draining the heating system. I will shortly be posting a news article with a before and after shot of a see through unit so the benefits can be seen .Magnetic cleaner F1 magnaclean fernox

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Magnaclean magnetic heating system

Magnaclean magnetic  cleaners are very benefi when converting a open vent heating system into a combi system , they protect the main heat exchanger from metal debris . The powerfull magnet inside the F1 unit sticks the metal waste to the inside of tbe unit then can be removed by isolati g the unit removing the magnet and draining from the bottom . 

Magnaclean magnetic cleaner F1

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