Magnaclean magnetic heating system

Magnaclean magnetic  cleaners are very benefi when converting a open vent heating system into a combi system , they protect the main heat exchanger from metal debris . The powerfull magnet inside the F1 unit sticks the metal waste to the inside of tbe unit then can be removed by isolati g the unit removing the magnet and draining from the bottom . 

Magnaclean magnetic cleaner F1

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marshside boiler repair

Encountered a very rare fault on a boiler today , I was called out to a boiler repair in marshside in southport .

It transpired there was a dead spider stuck in a small tube coming from the boilers fan .

Such a small thing can cause a boiler to breakdown , all fixed now though .

Boiler repair can be a bit of a nightmare but with a good knowledge and patience they can always be repaired .

If you have a tired old boiler in need of repair please call us for a free estimate