Sticking thermostatic radiator valves how to fix them

A very common problem , as heating systems and boilers are turned on after the summer period,is that of stuck Radiator valves resulting in cold and under performing radiators.

It is often a very simple job to release the valve and once you know how it is done you’ll have no need to call a gas safe engineer or plumber. There is no need to turn off the mains water or drain the central heating system. In call cases you will have to remove the thermostatic valve head from the main body of the valve. This will more than likely be held on by a threaded ring, screw or some other similar kind of method. Once you have removed removed it you should be able to see a centre pin that enters the body of the valve. It is this pin that sticks and very often all that is needed is a gentle tap on top of the pin and the main body of the valve to release it.

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